On Wednesday morning, the Louisville Police Department was ask by the Leake County Sheriff’s Office for help concerning a BOLO for a green Ford Escape the vehicle’s owners were wanted concerning lack of payment for a gas purchase in Leake County.

Louisville Police intercepted the vehicle on the bypass in Louisville and held the vehicle and its occupants for Leake County officials.

During the search of the vehicles the Louisville Police Department found contraband in the vehicle including tobacco, lighters, cell phones and chargers and a controlled substance. Pipes and prescription drugs that did not belong to the occupants of the vehicle were also recovered.
Authorities stated that the contraband might have been intended as illegal contraband to be smuggled into the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility(WCCRCF). Working with the Warden of the WCCRCF, Louisville PD filed charges against the driver for possession of a controlled substance and the Winston County Sheriff’s Office charged the other occupants of the vehicle with conspiracy to introduce contraband to a correctional facility.