Consumers can take advantage of extra savings this weekend in Mississippi. Certain school-related items can be purchased tax free in Mississippi (July 31-Aug. 1).

While there are obvious savings, not every purchase is a good deal.

Retailers know they will get big crowds, so it is important for consumers to know how to navigate the sales.

Tips for saving the most during tax-free weekends:

  1. Know the rules- Not all school-related items are tax free, plus there are price thresholds.

 Tax Exempt in Mississippi – Clothes and shoes

  1. Don’t get confused- Some items that are tax exempt versus those that are not can seem tricky. For example, in Mississippi, football jerseys can be purchased tax free, but pads and pants cannot.
  1. Check for odd items- Scout uniforms are tax free in Mississippi. This is a good buy for those who need them.
  2. Shop online- Eligible items purchased online are tax exempt. Consumers can even score bigger deals if they use websites that offer cash back or coupon codes.
  3. Be a savvy shopper- The same rules apply for shopping during tax-free weekend:
  • Shop the backpack — see what your child already has. No need to buy something new if it’s not necessary.
  • Check sales papers for penny and below $0.99 deals.
  • Comparison shop.
  • Ask retailers to price match.
  • Stick to your child’s list.
  • Shop clearance sections.
  • Don’t buy it if you don’t need it.
  • Buy extra supplies after they go on sale. This is a good way to stock up for next semester and even next year.