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It’s Time To Get Your Cheese On!

The Hamasa Shriners are once again offering us the opportunity to get the absolute finest cheese Wisconsin has to offer. “These cheeses are just one of the ways we get money for the things we do in the community”, said Grover Vining, the 2013 Potentate, which is the highest and most honored position for a volunteer to achieve. Grover is passionate about his life of service to others and always sings the praises of so many others who come at a moments’ noticed when called …Read More

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The Morning House Party welcomes friends and guests to stop by and participate in the fun and frolic that make the show what it is… “Mayhem in the A.M.”… Pictured is House Party Pals Lydia Bishop of Sebastopol and Joseph Blount of Philadelphia having fun in the “Big Chair” inside Boswell Media’s beautiful “Studio A”.